The Rempel Cousins Stories  book was #3 of my blog entries under Family Projects.  It's done.  Copies have been collated, indexed, printed, bound and sent off to those who asked for them.  DONE.

But maybe not.  In fact, although the feeling of actually completing a project is great, I hope that the cousins who are now seeing how their contributions appear in the book and reading what others have written will feel motivated to write more.  And if they do, there will be another edition, I expect.

At the Rempel Reunion in Borden in August, thought was given to assembling a book of the memories of the Rempel cousins of their parents' generation.  Cousin Margaret has undertaken to coordinate that project, and already I have forwarded to her my collection of memories.  A part of my August visit with cousin Gordon, whose obituary appears on this site, was occupied with listening to  his memories of the aunts and uncles - and taking notes.  I am hopeful that not only the writing bug, which has clearly bitten Margaret, will lead to a further infection - the book-producing bug -  and that as time goes on she will produce not only this memories book but others.