People come up many reasons not to write about their lives.  The people I urge to write are usually in their later years.  Many of their  reasons  for not writing their story have to do with a lifetime of writing - usually in letters - about daily events and suddenly being called upon to write a narrative about their own past.  This generates  myriad excuses.

    My life wouldn't be interesting to anybody else.

    My life has nothing unusual or special about it.

    I don't like to put my thoughts into writing.

    My first language isn't English and my writing in English isn't very good.

    I'm a terrible speller.

    I don't have the time.

    There are other things I would much rather do.

    My  younger generation isn't interested.

    I was never in the habit of writing my thoughts and I can't start now.

It is my belief and indeed my experience that NO life is uninteresting, that NO life lacks events and experiences and relationships which are interesting and unusual and challenging. (A couple of millennia ago, Philo of Alexandria said, "Be kind.  Everyone you see is fighting a great battle.")

It is my observation that putting thoughts into writing is a skill like any other, which requires to be learned.  Being able to write in English, and spell well also are skills which can be learned, and age is no barrier to the learning.  But if those seem like insuperable  obstacles,  there are alternatives like talking  into a tape recorder and have someone transcribe what you say, or talking to a video camera.

Very few people have the time to do everything they want to do.  If you want to record your life in some way, you will find the time.  If you don't find the time, recording your life is not yet of sufficient importance to you.  And recording the story of your life is a little like telling the people you love that you love them.  Do it now, before it's too late.